Submission to TechCrunch Disrupt - San Francisco 

Lentme is an online rental platform that allows people to post, discover, and rent recreational equipment anywhere they travel.


// Identifying market competitors, recognizing consumer-service gaps, and determining opportunities and points of differentiation. 

identified Opportunities

// Renters SAVE MONEY by renting from local lenders at fair market value and at a cheaper cost than rental stores. This also provides greater flexibility to try out an activity without having to buy the expensive equipment.

// Lenders MAKE MONEY by renting out their belongings, maximizing the utility of the things they own. Too often people buy equipment that's used just a few times a year which otherwise collects dust in their garage. Not only can common people make money renting these items, but they will also receive fast payment transactions, rental tracking and insurance, and market insights while doing so.

// Renters can EXPERIENCE MORE by having an increased catalog of rental options that are not limited to the rental stores and set prices, while also having the ability to travel lightly wherever they go so more time can be spent on vacation than worrying about their belongings.

// This provides the opportunity to find unique ways others nearby are using their things to take advantage of the day.


designed into life

// Logo inspired by two hands making an L to make a heart <3

// 25 Mockups (Sketch)

// Prototype (Pixilate)

// Video production (Adobe Premiere)