Case Management

+ Product Design

+ Process Improvement


Our goal was to design a digital experience that transformed a 40-year old mainframe operating system, integrated with dozens of disparate data repositories, into a centralized case management system for 9,500 users, managing upwards of 20M subjects. The real challenge was that we were brought in halfway through development to replace an external design team. This meant that we had to 1) transition design teams, 2) embed ourselves in the 6 Agile Development Scrum teams, 3) get smart on current processes, 4) understand user flows and gaps in user experience, and 5) handover designs that reflected our recommendations to Scrum teams in half the time.


4 months

7, 2-week Sprints

Team ‘Marvel’ (8)

Service Design Lead

Business Designer (that’s me)

Interaction Designers


Visual Designer

Digital Producer


Site Architecture

Wireframes + Mockups

Future State Process Map


What I did…


// Conducted UX design audit of developed screens

// Reviewed system design documents, requirements, objectives

// Met with clients to understand the current state, ideate future state features, and develop sprint schedule

// Conducted 20 interviews in 1 week

// Framed future state business value by identifying benchmarks and KPIS

// Crafted and facilitated client workshops to share insights and strategize future-state user experience

Designed into life

// Capability Prioritization informed by user and business values

// Site Architecture

// Wireframing


// While this project is in progress…

// We have already helped the client understand the end-to-end current state and have shaped their messaging to Scrum teams to develop a human-centric platform.

// Our ultimate objective is to successfully design an intuitive, modernized experience and to win follow-on work for the post 2 Program Increments (PIs).