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We were asked by an organization to assess its 7 customer service channels, operating at $2.6B, and to come up with a strategy that could be implemented in the next 5 years. Two primary challenges were to be addressed, 1) where can we gain operational efficiencies, and 2) how might we optimize the customer service experience? However, the plot thickened, as it always does, and we learned that organization had already conducted a similar strategy assessment, but it failed to resonate across key stakeholders. Therefore, our secondary challenge was to ensure our findings and recommendations were messaged in a way that connected with various stakeholders. What we did differently, to ultimately succeed, was taking a human-centered approach to addressing the problems and informing the audience as opposed to taking a technology-first approach.


2.5 months

Team ‘make it human’ (7)

Design Lead

Business Designer (that’s me)

Service Designer

Visual Designer

Business Analysts

Digital Producer


Opportunity Blueprint

Service Concept Booklet

Customer Journey Vignettes

Service Entry Map


What I did…


// Evaluated service channel usage data, service channel operational costs, customer satisfaction reports, service channel industry trends

// Conducted 11 stakeholder interviews, identified values, and developed a stakeholder map.

// Reviewed service channel interaction types to uncover 6 primary customer archetypes because demographics cannot solely explain customer behaviors.

// Created current state journey map that depicted pain points by customers and by the personnel that supports them.

DefinED values

// Assessed organizational strategy and objectives.

// Identified and aligned 5 business objectives and 5 customer experience drivers to assess service recommendation values.

IdentifIED opportunities

// Crafted and facilitated a two-day client workshop

// Helped the client craft an organization-wide customer service vision statement

// Brainstormed over 150+ service capabilities and prioritized into 12 service opportunities with internal and client teams

// Fit capabilities into roadmap that followed a narrative of “Foundation”, “Best Practice”, and “Horizon”

// Provided industry examples and KPIs to exhibit feasibility of each service recommendation

// Created a future-state service-channel entry map


// Provided a ‘toolkit’ conveying our findings, insights, and service channel suggestions to our client so that they could successfully communicate their vision with their internal and external stakeholders

// Transformed how the organization thinks about its personnel and its customers by messaging service interactions as moments as opposed a point in a linear journey

// Awarded follow-on work based on our recommendations