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We were asked to identify policies that created inefficiencies in an organization's procurement process. By reviewing policies and standard operating procedures, and interviewing stakeholders, we discovered that policy was not the primary inefficiency. We found that the key problem was a lack of operational standardization and a central data repository. Leveraging quantitative data and qualitative insights we able to communicate several critical opportunities to re-align personnel roles back to mission critical tasks by designing a new acquisition model that reduced backlog by 49%.


1 month

Team ‘dream team’ (4)

Business Designer (that’s me)

Interaction Designer

Visual Designer

Digital Producer


Current State Process Map

Future State Process Map

4 Opportunity Business Cases


What I did…


// Identified key stakeholders

// Conducted 24 interviews in 2 weeks

// Requested and evaluated procurement request data to set benchmarks and validate qualitative insights

// Translator of business data and personnel processes

// Framed a current state map that visualized the end-to-end >2-year process and communicated inefficiencies and employee pain points

The current state challenged the client assumption that Stage 2 was causing key process hold-ups, when in reality, events that were occurring in Stage 1 needed to be addressed. For example, lack of education and awareness of request requirements in Stage 1 was causing re-work by Stage 2 employees.

IdentifIED opportunities

// Crafted and facilitated a future-state client workshop

// Discovered informal behaviors by personnel that optimized their workflow and leveraged those insights to identify opportunities for process efficiencies.

// Co-created and prioritized key opportunities with clients

// Developed 4 business charters that aligned personnel pain points, data benchmarks, and organizational strategic objectives to opportunities, critical success factors, and KPIs.


// Empowered clients with employee pain points, data, and organizational objectives so that they could effectively message opportunities to leadership

// Illuminated personnel responsibilities and processes to level-set division expectations and shifted employee mindsets from defensive to empathetic

// Created collective agreement on key problems and opportunities

// Won follow-on work to rapidly prototype 2 of the 4 business cases, where I was the product lead.