Passenger Rail

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We were asked by a national passenger railroad organization to provide user experience recommendations for the in-station ticketing kiosk as a way to increase overall ticket sales. Through extensive quantitative and ethnographic research, we uncovered that the challenge was not how might we enhance a single touchpoint that accounts for <4% of ticket sales, but how might we deliver an end-to-end passenger service experience that meets identified customer values.


4 months

Team ‘CHOO-CHOO’ (4)

Business Designer (that’s me)

Service Designer

Interaction Designer

Visual Designer


Passenger Experience Blueprint

Strategic Service Roadmap

Interactive Station Dashboard

Kiosk UX Recommendations

Station Infographics


What I did…


// Assessed station usage and census data to develop research plan and railroad infographics.

// Visited 10 stations with over 30+ on-site interviews, conducted 11 stakeholder interviews, facilitated 4 virtual immersive workshops and an on-site workshop, and developed a survey.

// Synthesized findings to create passenger personas and service expectation themes.

DefinED values

// Conducted a competitive analysis to communicate relevant industry statistics, challenges, and solutions.

// Evaluated budget and organizational reports to set benchmarks and to identify 7 cost saving opportunities and 3 business drivers.

IdentifIED opportunities

// Supported in the identification of 8 new service concepts and 11 high-impact recommendations across digital, on-board, and in-station experiences founded from passenger pain points.

// Prioritized 34 kiosk recommendations based on a benefit-effort framework informed by client input and industry expertise.

// Aligned business drivers and customer values to develop a strategic blueprint that focuses on getting existing services back to the basics, and which paves the way for continuous improvements.

Example Finding & Recommendation:

We learned that 60%* of passengers book tickets online. We also learned that the organization has 15 different micro-sites that users can purchase tickets from. We recommended a new enterprise content management strategy to optimize the digital customer experience. Measuring success can include KPIs such as: reduction in booking time, increased conversion, reduction in bounce rate.

*Numbers have been adjusted to protect client confidentiality.


// Developed an interactive station dashboard to visually communicate station usage and that can be used by the client to make future station procurement decisions.

// Expanded the client's understanding of the passenger experience through collaboration and data-backed insights.

// Client decision to continue working with us to implement key recommendations as a result of: building trust and rapport, exceeding deliverable expectations, and communicating business impact and customer value through empirical and visual narratives.

*Numbers have been adjusted to protect client confidentiality.